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All files are in PDF format for easy access and download.


All files are in PDF format for easy access and download.


AGM 2020 postponed until next year – due to Covid-19

2020.08.18 Administrator Milenium – Deferred AGM (for download)

En Orihuela Costa a 12 de agosto de 2020

Dear owners,


Due to the current situation caused by the COVID pandemic and its spread, and trying not to hold face‐to‐face meetings due to the risk of contagion, it has been decided not to hold the ordinary community assembly.

As you know from the current situation, and given the foreseeable worsening of the situation that is expected in the coming weeks, the board has agreed not to hold the Ordinary General Meeting. Unless there is an express and justified request to hold it.

We assume that you understand the reasons why the Board has taken these decision The financial report 2019/2020 and legder are attached to the links below.

Community Budget, Board members and community fees will be extended until conditions allow the ordinary meeting to be held.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions. You can contact the administrator’s office where they will be duly answered.

We remain at your entire disposal, thank you for your patience and trust. Kind regards
Mileniun Levante

2020.08.18 The board´s Annual Report 2019-2020 (for download)

Annual report from the Zeniamar 8 board to the owners. For the period September 2019 to July 2020.

The committee’s board consisted of:
President Jose Francisco Rios Nortes ‐ Apartment No. 120 Vice President Knut Ottem ‐ Apartment No. 101 Treasurer Odd Harald Olsen ‐ Apartment no. 106
Board members
Isabel Ballesta ‐ Apartment No. 102
Leighton Jenkins ‐ Apartment No. 90
Francisco Javier Pablos Hidalgo ‐ Apartment No. 21
David Kenneth Evans ‐ Apartment No. 40

The committee has tried to hold the board meetings when the members have been present in Spain, but for those who have not been able to be there, it has been possible to participate online. During the Covid19 era, all contact between the board and the administration took place via telephone or tablet.

• AGM 2020

The development since March 12 has been very special and difficult for all of us and as it developed, the board had to make a decision together with Millennium in relation to the annual meeting in September. We obtained information from the owners and it was reported that only a very small number of people would come to Zeniamar 8 until September due to travel restrictions in most countries. In talks with Milenium and their lawyer, it was decided that the annual meeting was cancelled / postponed until 2021 and the current board will continue to operate until the next annual meeting. The same decision has been made in several other urbanizations.

The board will send this annual report together with accounts for 2019/2020, as well as the budget for 2020/2021, so that the owners are updated as best as possible.

At the time of writing, the travel restrictions from some countries have opened up a bit and we hope that it can normalize over the autumn and winter, but unfortunately it seems that it will still take a long time before we are back in a normal situation.

• Economy 2019/2020

Accounts for the last year are attached together with the budget for 2020/2021. Despite large costs for improvements to the water supply system last year, the economy is satisfactory.

The budget for 2020/2021 takes into account, among other things, that we must replace the main water pipeline that supplies the common facility and the pool. We have had repeated minor pipe breaks with associated water leaks and this must be resolved permanently, although this may mean a major replacement of pipes. The board will continue to work on this in the coming year and will be able to prepare specifications and price offers for this. Whether it will be possible in the coming year or whether we have to see this over 2 years is uncertain before we have specifications and prices ready. But we are incorporating 10,000 euros into the budget. Furthermore, new requirements in Spanish law from 2020 are that at least 10% of the annual turnover of reserve funds must be set aside. This means that we have to set aside 9‐ 10,000 euros for reserve funds in the new budget.

Despite this, the board chooses not to increase the monthly / quarterly fee from the owners, but keeps this unchanged, thanks to the fact that we have good control over costs.

• Exterior painting of the buildings ‐ preparation of funds

The payment to the paint fund that was approved at the last annual meeting is underway, but has been interrupted twice (April and July) due to the Corona situation. Payments must continue from October 2020.

As of 1 July, we have 33.200 euros in the account for the paint fund and the reserve fund is 26697 euros. How and what we will use the reserve fund for will be discussed later.

The following work, repairs and maintenance have been carried out during the period:

• Also in the last year, the board members have carried out many and necessary work.

Not everything is as visible, but imposed controls, such as control of the fire alarm system, pest control and other agreed work have been performed, and are performed continuously.

However, we have had to prioritize between important and less important tasks. Not least thanks to the Corona situation.

The board decided ‐ after dissatisfaction with the execution ‐ to end the relationship with the horticultural company in the autumn of 2019, and appointed a new gardener in December 2019. This work was first done very well, a lot of basic things were corrected, but still something fundamentally wrong happened before the start of the season. June which made us uneasy. In the Corona era, with few owners present, we had to rely on the reports and photos that were submitted and everything looked good. But as more owners came forward, it was revealed that not everything agreed with the reports we had received. The grass was completely dead in some areas and several other faults and deficiencies were revealed. The new company should have taken care of this, they should have maintained or repaired. The board then again chose to terminate the relationship with the horticultural company, and they received a new one that seems to take its tasks seriously, and should have the necessary knowledge in case of deviations.

Until now, it seems that the agreed tasks are taken care of in a good way. But it is still important that we all follow and report to the Milenium if you think something is deficient or poorly done.

• Keys for water meters

To prevent unauthorized personnel from manipulating water meters, padlocks were installed on all water cabinets last year. In these cabinets there is a shut‐off valve for each individual apartment. The individual owner can request a key from the administrator, or from one of the board members present.

Milenium and all active board members must each have their own set of keys, and can assist when needed.

Companies that will work for us must / can borrow a key bundle from administrator Milenium.

• The locks for all the doors and the glass wall into the social club have been lubricated and adjusted.

Currently, access to the Social Club, Gym and toilets are open.

• Pest control has been performed and all hedges have been sprayed in the common area.

Nevertheless, there will be necessary to further treat some áreas.The large trees in the common areas have been pruned and they are growing nicely again

Destroyed shrubs are removed and new ones are replaced or replanted. Palm trees are styled.

• Owners’ Gardens ‐ General Condition

Although the owners this spring have not had access to their gardens, most gardens are overgrown and in dire need of pruning trees, shrubs and hedges, as well as spraying for spider webs.

This is normally the owners’ responsibility, and can be ordered by the administrator at the owner’s expense, if the owner does not respond to an order from the administrator.

Efforts are also being made to reach a solution where the owners can request administrator Milenium to be an intermediary in this task also on a voluntary basis, and that the owner then covers the administrator’s expenses.

• Large “outbuilding ” with a roof set up in no. 94.

This is a difficult and time‐consuming matter. The house is inhabited, but the outbuilding has not been removed.

The case is now with the public sector, in addition to the bank (which owns the property).

Previous debts to the condominium have been paid and the current tenant pays the current expenses.

• We changed company to cleaning social club

The cleaning of the Social Club, Gym and toilets, has been carried out since last autumn by the horticultural company,

• Contact needs

The operation is managed and coordinated by Milenium / Barbara. She is normally available beyond her office hours. If there is something that is a crisis and requires an immediate solution, then contact Barbara. Things that can wait until the next working day must be notified by email or message so that Milenium can take up the matter as soon as they are back in the office.

Sometimes there may be a need for immediate and direct contact, but we want you to report errors and omissions via our website. All messages are sent directly to the Millennium with a copy to the President. As soon as this is practically possible, Milenium will take up the matter to resolve it.

President Jose Rios Nortes and Isabel Ballesta will be present a lot during the summer as well as on weekends during the rest of the year.

Vice President Knut Ottem and treasurer Odd Harald Olsen, as well as our English representative Leighton Jenkins ‐ are very often present and available.

The board members have thus been much present at Zeniamar 8 until March 12 and the Corona stop. Normally there is usually 1 or more from the board there.

• Facebook

Our website has proved difficult to update. To some extent, this happens sparodically However, we have created a separate Facebook page: Zeniamar 8 and we try to send messages to the owners and maybe also tenants, as soon as it is relevant.

Notices, board minutes, annual meeting minutes, etc. however, we will primarily post on

• The future

For challenges to be solved satisfactorily, we all need to work together. No one on the board is employed; they do their work on a voluntary basis. We represent all homeowners regardless of nationality. This is an important prerequisite for the way forward. Nevertheless, we must remember that prioritization will be necessary, we regularly discover failures for various reasons, including lack of maintenance in the years that have passed since we took over the plant in 2007.

• Do you have good suggestions; Bring them to the board.

• If you find that something is broken or should be fixed, report it.

• If you see service providers not doing their job; or do it badly; Send us a message about this so we can do something about it.

• We continue to work to keep costs down.

• We continue to develop a viable economy so that we can withstand fluctuations if something acute happens.

• We work with Milenium for better follow‐up and maintenance, we are well on our way.

With best regards
The Board of Zeniamar 8

Jose Francisco Rios Nortes president

2020.08.18 Budget 2019-2021 (for download)


Annual general meeting –

2019.08.24 Minutes from AGM

2019.08.24 AGM Summons 2019 English (with proxy)

2019.08.24 AGM Appendix case 13 English 

2019.08.24 Legal advice about painting English

2019.08.24 Annual report from the Board to the owners English

2019.08.24 AGM Summons 2019 Norwegian

2019.08.24 AGM Appendix case 13 Norwegian

2019.08.24 Legal advice about painting Norwegian

2019.08.24 Annual report from the Board to the owners Norwegian

2019.08.24 Summons AGM 2019

2019.08.24 Actano_1_board_meetin_esp

2019.08.24 AGM Appendix Spanish case 13

2019.08.24 Legal advice about painting  Spanish

2019.08.24 Annual report from the Board to the owners Spanish

2019.08.24 Debtors 2019

2019.08.24 Economic report 2018_2019

2019.08.24 Proxy


2018.04.07 Extra bolagsstämma – SWE

Painting Eng

Painting Nor


2018.04.07 EXTRA GENERAL ASSEMBLY – Norwegian

2018.04.07 EXTRA GENERAL ASSEMBLY – English

2018.04.07 EXTRA SEMANA SANTA – Español


 2017.11.22 Minutes from board -meeting ESP

 2017.11.22 Minutes from board -meeting English

Minutes from AGM 2017 ESP

 Minutes from AGM 2017  – English


 Minutes from AGM 2016 Zeniamar 8


 Minutes from AGM 2015 ESP

 Minutes from AGM 2015 English


 Minutes from AGM 2014

Board meetings –


2020.02.05 Minutes_from board_meeting eng

2020.02.05 Acta no_1_Junta Directiva_esp


2019.08.24 Acta no_1_board_meetin_esp

2019.11.11 Minutes from board-meeting

2019.11.11 Minutes from board-meeting ESP

2019.11.11 Minutes committee meeting NOR

2019.06.10 Minutes from board-meeting ENG

2019.04.05 Minutes from board-meeting ENG

2019.04.05 Minutes from board-meeting Nor

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2018.10.05 Minutes from board -meeting – ENG

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 2018.01 January Minutes Boardmeeting


 2017.11.22 Minutes from board -meeting ESP

 2017.11.22 Minutes from board -meeting English


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Committee-meetings Zeniamar VIII

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Companies working in Zeniamar VIII

All files are in PDF format for easy access and download.


Sanidelia : Drains cleaning : 968905868
Vifrisan: Electrician / Air con unit : 965717041
Reformasesor: Plumber / Builder : 968192882
Antonio Paredes : Locksmith : 607820450
Gardening Maintenance: ASPI 695 428 486 – 608 204 594

Cleaning company: ASPI 695 428 486 – 608 204 594

High season cleaning of the Club house

High season cleaning

Limpieza de temporada alta

Low season cleaning of the Club house

Low season cleaning

Limpieza de temporada baja

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Horizontal laws

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