November 2020

Here you will find minutes for 2020 in PDF-format:





ZM8 Minutes from 12th of November 

Vice presidente: Knut Ottem

Treasurer: Odd Harald Olsen

Committee meber: Isabel Penalver

Mileniun: Barbara Gomez Laguna

Apologies: Jose Rios and Leighton Jenkins

1. Economic status.

It was explained that the community has a healthy economic situation, which allows the corresponding contribution to be made to the community reserve fund of 4,000 euros to cover the first half of 2020, and to the paint reserve of 6,600 euros

The situation will be reviewed before the end of the year to see if the community reserve can be increased.

2. General information.

a. Summer update

It was explained that due to the situation created by the covid 19 pandemic, the summer had been very quiet since many owners had not been able to come due to the restrictions imposed by their countries. All the owners who have been in the community have had excellent behavior and all the rules imposed by the Ministry of Health for the use of common areas have been respected.

b. Garden, pool, social club, area inside and outside Zeniamar 8

After the bad experience with the Aspi company, the new maintenance company has had to work hard to get the community back in good state. The irrigation system has been repaired, valves, controllers, pumps, grids, lights have been checked. The company has done hard work to get the community back to its best condition, all thanks to the daily monitoring carried out by Isabel Ballesta, a member of the board of directors, who during her holidays and weekends has been aware that all works are done correctly. Still a lot of work pending to be done which will be carried out step by step during the low season, to be able to have all ready for the next season.

c. Water consumption

The current maintenance company has been requested to submit photographs of the water meter regularly, almost daily, to the board. Isabel has created a record sheet of consumption to keep track and control the excess of water.
Thanks to this exhaustive control, the community has been able to detect leaks and act quickly.

The members of the board thanked Isabel for her dedication to the community. d. Iron doors into pump and technical room action plan.

It was agreed to replace the damaged doors in the pool area.

e. Printed concrete around the pool

It was agreed to find a budget to carry out the color treatment in the printed concrete area of the pool.

f. Action plan in case of a new lockdown

It was agreed that in the event of a new lockdown, the maintenance company will be requested to send reports and photographs of the common areas, in case of mobility restrictions, we will request the help of a community resident to control the maintenance.

g. Apunto works to be done in the winter and spring seasons
It was agreed to do a paint test in one of the community gates / windows

3. Date of next meeting

Board members will meet again based on their availability.

Without any other issues to discuss, the meeting finished at 18.00 hours.