• Minutes_no_1_Board_meeting_5_februar_2020 at 17.00 horas en el club social de Zeniamar 8

    Board : Jose Francisco, Knut, Odd, Isabel and Leighton Mileniun: Barbara

    1 Start of the meeting
    The meeting started at 5.00 pm

    2 / Election of two members to review the minutes
    Leighton will review the English version and Isabel will review the Spanish version together with the president.

    3 Decisions to be made
    It was agreed that to take the necessary decisions.

    4 Signature of the minutes of the previous meeting It will be signed at the next meeting.

    5 Agenda
    The agenda for the meeting was approved

    6 Updates

    Mileniun / Barbara / President updates –Vp / other board members
    Status: Gardening works, water leaks – pool
    • The new company that has done the work, contract review, budgets and specifications.
    • That it has been discovered in December and January that work has been done, what remains to be done. • Water leaks, which has been done. Actual state. New actions
    • Incident and maintenance reporting system, such as discovering water leaks before.

    It was explained that the Aspi company started to provide its services in December and the Irrigation System and the pool area were found in a poor condition. They informed the board of the deficiencies found, going through having a new chlorine dispenser that did not work, failures in the system of pumps and valves of the pool, several leaks in the irrigation system etc. The company has reviewed the facilities of the community in an exhaustive manner and a group has been created by which they report almost daily the repairs and incidents they find.

    The members of the board informed that they were very satisfied with the change of company and it would still take more time and money to leave the community in good state that it should be before the season. The quotations submitted by the maintenance company for the improvement of the landscaped areas as well as additional repairs found during their last visits were approved.

    Status Incidents reported by the owners

    It was recalled that owners can report incidents on the community website or by contacting Mileniun.

    It was the case of leaks in housing 63 that is still waiting for the owner to provide another quotation for the board to decide.

    Status Pergola in viv 94
    It was reported that to date no reply has been received from the City Council regarding the

    complaint filed, an update will be requested.

    Status Access control system for social club and gym
    It was unanimously agreed that those present not to make this proposal, the community has other

    priorities at this time and users can access the social club and gym perfectly. Status Rest of painting in fourth telecommunications

    The company has already removed the paint cans that were closed and will send the refund to the community.

    Status Repair of metal pool doors
    It was commented that in addition to changing the doors, it was important to provide the rooms with better ventilation and perhaps put some pieces of floor to protect the interior area from moisture.
    The budget would be around € 3,000
    It was agreed to postpone the quotation approval decision to the next Board in order to receive the other quotes that were expected, and since one of the members did not know about this matter and wanted to see the state of the doors previously.
    The quotess will be sought and they will be discussed at the next Board meeting.

    7 Economic status / Economic report
    • Debt status 12/31/2019 and 06/30/2019
    • Finansial status pr: 12.31.2019 01.02.2020.
    • Economic status
    Normal bank account:
    Reserve account:
    Painting account:
    The administrator had previously sent the economic report to the board members. The economic status was good, considering the number of repairs that were being made.
    It was agreed to open the painting account with the 20,000 euros of the reserve fund plus the fees of the two quarters that the owners had already paid, subsequently and on a quarterly basis the agreed contributions will continue to be made.
    As of February 2020, the painting account will have a balance of € 33,200 and the reserve fund of the community with a total of € 13,000

    8 Community painting
    • New painting account, status as of 12/31/2019
    • Paint budgets with specifications and action plan • Distribution among owners
    • AGM presentation plan

    It was agreed to look for painting quotes again to discuss them at the next Board of Directors. Always based on the same specifications.
    The distribution will be reviewed according to each housing model to be able to send the information to all the owners before the Ordinary environment.

    9 Work and maintenance To consider

    Budget to remove a Jacuzzi, the two Jacuzzi, make playground for children. It was agreed to look for quotes to treat in the ordinary assembly

    • Artificial grass on social club
    • It was agreed to seek a quote to deal with in the ordinary assembly

    • Change of natural grass for artificial grass
    • It was agreed to seek a quote to deal with in the ordinary assembly

    It was agreed to seek more quotes for the maintenance of the Fire System, because the one that had already been received was cheaperthan the current company

    It was agreed that the inspections of the basements will be carried out on a quarterly basis, they should provide photos and videos of their state

    It was agreed that the owner of the property 19 may make holes in its wall as a drainage or his garden.

    • Next board of directors, close to Easter
    It was agreed that the next board of directors be held on Friday, April 3rd at 5:00 p.m.

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